Skin Rejuvenation Booster

The skin rejuvenation treatment represents an in-depth and thorough hydration of the skin, by injecting or applying hyaluronic acid to the skin, which restores the skin’s former shine and elasticity. In such way, the skin has a fresher, younger and more glowing appearance.

Skin booster treatment can be used to treat various areas such as the neck, face, cleavage, hands and acne scar tissues. The process is based on small injection inserted beneath the skin, which offers hydration of the skin internally and regains its natural elasticity and softness.

At the YS Clinic, Subang Jaya, Malaysia, these treatments are hugely done by our team of doctors and staffers, all of whom are experienced and well trained in this procedure.

The latest release of skin booster Volite by Juvederm has revolutionized the aforementioned treatment. This product volite can give immediate results, which last for 9 months, and all it takes is 1 treatment.

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