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Acne treatment is one of the most common and popular treatments demanded by both male and female patients. Fighting off acne can lead to a successful outcome, but it is crucial you always have the right aesthetical clinic in mind, able to provide you with amazing results.

The YS Clinic is based in Selangor, Malaysia and has been working on acne treatment of all sorts. We have a team of professional and practiced dermatologists and experts in acne treatment, all of whom are able to provide you with a great outcome.

Acne is usually caused due to an internal (hormonal, stress-triggered) changes, and external influences, including the climate, pollution, radiation, your personal skin care routine and more.

The YS Clinic takes pride in their method of treating acne both with their medication-based treatment, and carbon laser treatment. On special occasions, topical and/or oral medications will be prescribed to provide the patient with a better outcome.

At the YS Clinic, we believe that educating patients about acne care is more important than anything else.

Therefore, aside from the treatment received from the YS clinic you will need to incorporate an adequate skin care routine, which will later guarantee a full recovery.

This method is utilized to heal any acne, scarring, and related issues by penetrating and stimulating the skin thoroughly.

Still, prior to making a final decision, make sure to ask the following questions:

How do acne treatments work?
  • In case of receiving medications, you will likely be prescribed oral antibiotics for six months, which trigger no pain whatsoever. As for the laser treatment, there might be some redness and swelling post procedure, while the treatment is done in a span of six weeks, with two sessions done per week.

What are the side effects of the treatments?
  • The laser treatment can come with a certain level of pain, which goes away up to two weeks post procedure.You might also experience an itching and tingling sensation, which can be both a result of the medications or laser treatment. Finally, without a proper skincare regime, you are unlikely to benefit plenty from either of these treatments.

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